Le-My & Rob

South Place Hotel in London

May 15, 2022

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South Place Hotel
3 South Place
London EC2M 2AF



3:00pm Guests arrive
3:30pm Wedding ceremony
4:00pm Drinks reception
5:30pm Dinner
7:00pm Dancing and general vibing


Q: What types of food will be served?

A: There will be delicious appetisers served during the drinks reception, followed by a 3-course sit-down meal in the evening. All guests will be able to select from a choice of three options per course. Please do let us know if you have any food allergies or any other dietary restrictions so that we can work with our caterer to accommodate them.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: The dress code is formal to semi-formal wedding attire (suits, dresses). There will be a cloakroom so do feel free to bring an extra pair of shoes for dancing later in the evening!


We're hoping for the best but obviously wouldn't put anyone at risk if conditions get bad. We'll send out updates if anything changes and we'll keep the latest info on travel requirements here, including any COVID tests you may need to get before flying to the UK.

Q: Can I bring a plus one?

A: In our effort to keep numbers down, we will not have room for any plus ones. We hope you take this opportunity to connect with friends and family who you might not get to see as much 🙂

Q: Shall I bring a gift?

A: As we know that many of you are travelling from afar, we're not asking people to bring gifts. As many of you will also know, we plan to relocate to the US in the near future. As such, we are endeavoring to keep our possessions to a minimum.

If you would still like to send us a wedding gift, we would be super appreciative of any help towards legal fees to kickstart our new lives in the US: Le-My and Rob's Relocation Fund 🇺🇸

For Family and Friends Visiting London

🗺️ Our Favorite Things to do in London

There is sooooo much to do and see in London! For ease, we have created a list of bookmarks on Google Maps, including main tourist attractions, recommended eateries, the prettiest parks and a few local hotspots: Le-My's favorite spots

If you’re looking for some direction, here is an efficient sight-seeing tour of London: walking route

🏡 Accommodation

Here is a map of areas in London that we recommend staying in: https://goo.gl/maps/vxs4LbVmEkFLQpHf9

For reference, we live in Richmond (South-West London).

📞 Mobile Data

We got chu. We can hook you up with a UK mobile sim during your stay. Simply insert the sim into your phone, activate it online, and purchase the ‘data goody bag’ that best suits your needs for your stay. For pricing reference, £10 will get you 12GB of data. Full goody bag options here: GiffGaff deals If you would like a UK sim, just send us a message.

🚇 Traveling Around London

For traveling around London, we recommend downloading ‘Citymapper’ on your phone. It is better than Google Maps. Not only does it calculate different routes, but it also tells you how much each route would cost (e.g. for 2 routes that take the same amount of time, one option might not go through the centre so can work out cheaper than the other).

All public transport in London is cashless. You can either get an Oyster card (and top it up with credit) or just use your bank card/mobile banking (if it has tap-to-pay). The fare is the same either way. If using a non-UK bank card, make sure to check what your bank’s foreign transaction fees are.

🍉 Supermarkets

All supermarkets in the UK offer lots of convenient grab-and-go food options, and have cutlery by the tills.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s are two of the biggest supermarket chains and offer an all-day £3 meal deal (your choice of sandwich, snack + drink). You’ve just gotta beat the office rush.

M&S and Waitrose are slightly more upscale supermarkets.

🫖 Afternoon Tea

To be honest, you can’t really go too wrong. We recommend hopping onto Groupon to see which places are offering deals and check out the reviews. If you just want cream tea (scones and a pot of tea) for an afternoon break, we recommend going to the café in any department store (John Lewis, Selfridges, Harrods) or the English Rose Café (near Buckingham Palace).

🚂 Day Trips outside of London

Oxford and Cambridge are both conveniently located a stone’s throw away from London, and are very easy to get to. Both cities are absolutely stunning and we would highly recommend you visiting at least one of them if you can. They both have small city centres so you can easily explore the entire city by foot in a day.

Travel from London to Oxford:
  • Coach (known as the Oxford Tube). You can pick it up from various locations in London. Coaches run every 20 minutes. Duration: 2 hours. Price: £17 return.
  • Train (from Paddington Station or Marylebone Station). Duration: 1 hour. Price: varies depending on how early you book your tickets: GWR Booking
Travel from London to Cambridge:
  • Train (from Liverpool Street Station to Cambridge Station*). Duration: 1hr 20mins. Tickets can be found here: Greater Anglia Booking

    *NOT Cambridge North Station